Anzu wyliei claw

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A rare, Top Quality, EXTRA LARGE Anzu wyliei toe (pes) claw from the Hell Creek Fm. of SE Montana. Anzu is referred to as the "Chicken from Hell". An excellent BIG pes claw specimen. This claw is from a large Anzu and is fat and heavy. Excellent rich brown color and patina. This specimen has excellent perservation with nice articulation. There is some professional restoration the the top of the proximal end which is typical for a big Anzu wyliei pes claw. The very top of the proximal edge has a small repair (see photo). A high quality, collector's BIG claw from the Hell Creek of Montana. Note - 2014 Anzu wyleii description paper attached belowCheck out our selection of top quality Anzu wyliei claws! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Garfield Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. A near maximum size Anzu pes claw. You can see why they used to be sold as Nano pes claws since they have the same size and shape of a Nano claw. Note - a Riker frame will be included.

DA02       Size: 3-1/4" (always straightline) (Note: proximal end height is 1-1/2" -> this is a fat claw!)

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Anzu wyliei or the "feathered demon" was a very large oviraptor that lived in the upper Cretaceous period (Hell Creek Formation), and was formally described in 2014.  Anzu was nicknamed the "Chicken from Hell" since it is among the largest feathered dinosaurs ever found in North America. This dinosaur is characterized by a toothless beak, long arms ending with large claws, and long powerful legs. This raptor was most likely an omnivore feeding on small animals, vegetation, and possibly eggs. The late Cretaceous specimens grew to 13 feet and 600 pounds. Fossil remains include well preserved bones and large claws. Their large claws are highly prized by collectors and they are among the best dinosaurs claws available. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private lands in the northwestern US. Late Cretaceous, Hell Creek Fm. (or equivalent), 66 MYA.

Note -

1. These claws are the fossilized bone core of the actual claw. The bone core would be covered with a keratin or (a nail-like substance) that would increase the length by a minimum of 50%. Anzu had big, sharp claws!

2. This Hell Creek Formation oviraptor was previously mis-identified as Chirostenotes.