Carcharodontosaurus saharicus

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    A LARGE, Quality Carcharodontosaurus saharicus tooth from the Kem Kem deposits of Morocco. A nice dark tan colored tooth. Good quality enamel with some missing. Very good preservation. Very good anterior and posterior serrations. Serrated to the tip. No tip wear. No cracks. No repair or restoration. A Quality collector's tooth. Authenticity Guaranteed. A very nice large Carch tooth.

    M1204       Size: 3-1/16"   

    Note - Added 15 new Carchardontosaurus teeth in August 2021.   Link to Carcharodontosaurus teeth.

    Carcharodontosaurus was a very large Theropod dinosaur thought to be similar in size to T-Rex. The teeth are serrated like a knife and used to slice flesh. Carcharodontosaurus was the apex predator of its time in Cretaceous Africa (~100 MM years old) - a very fearsome dinosaur! These are incredibly preserved teeth from the monster dinosaur that was the T-Rex of northern Africa! This beast went extinct ~32 MM years prior to T-Rex.