Carcharocles chubutensis

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    A rare Chubutensis tooth from Peru - a lower jaw posterior tooth. A tan colored crown with no peel. High quality enamel. Sharp serrations and side cusps. The root is tan color and complete with a break.  An excellent, Peruvian Chubutensis tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.

    P036              SIZE: 15/16"

    Note - Adding 2 new Peruvian Chubutensis teeth in July 2021.         Link to Peruvian Chubutensis teeth

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from an early Giant White shark - Carcharocles chubutensis, an immediate ancestor of C. megaolodon. These teeth are noted for their well defined triangular crown and small side cusps with well defined serrations. The Chubutensis lived from the early to mid-Miocene age (20 million years ago).

    Peru produces some of the finest Chubutensis teethxknown, and top quality teeth are quite rare! Even the good quality Chub teeth with minor repair are very difficult to locate with the banning of exportation. This is an incredible selection of Chubutensis teeth. These teeth are very difficult to locate and from my old inventory!