Parodotus Benedeni - Ocean

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    A Rare, Atlantic ocean Parotodus benedeni tooth from the offshore Wrightsville Beach, No. Carolina. A robust tooth with a heavy root. This tooth appears to be a Yorktown Fm., Pliocene age tooth. No repair or restoration. A rare collector's tooth! Authenticity guaranteed. The Atlantic ocean Parotodus teeth are ultra rare! A must have collector's tooth.

    NC544           SIZE: 2-1/16"

    Adding 4 Atlantic ocean Parotodus benedeni teeth in August 2020.    Link to Parotodus benedeni teeth.

    Parotodus benedeni, the False Mako, is a rare shark found during the Pliocene period. These North Carolina Atlantic ocean Parotodus benedeni teeth are found on a couple of shelves located 40 miles offshore Wrightsville Beach. These shelves represent a prehistoric river bottom. Divers retrieve these teeth at a water depth of 100 feet.

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