Carcharodon carcharias

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    An ultra rare, HIGH QUALITY Carcharodon carcharias, upper jaw tooth from the copper-red site of North Carolina. This is an incredible copper-red colored Great White shark tooth. The enamel is the high quality with few hydration cracks. A gorgeous North Carolina copper-red Great White shark tooth. An exceptional collector's tooth. Note - you rarely see a copper-red Great White shark tooth that has a high quality crown, root and serrations - a top 1% tooth from this site! No repair! Authenticity guaranteed.

    NC201               SIZE: 2-7/16"

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from the Great White shark, Carcharodon carchariasThese teeth are noted for their wide triangular crowns which are heavily serrated. These teeth are fairly rare and very showy, making them an excellent addition to your Great White shark tooth collection. Please note that these C. carcharias teeth have excellent preservation with great color. All teeth are museum to near museum quality teeth. No restoration or repair!

    These copper red site Great White shark teeth are quite rare!

    Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.