Shark Vertebrae                                    

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    A rare Otodus vertebra with very nice color from Morocco. Exceptional concentric growth rings well preserved as well as the pair of ventral foramina openings along the side. Very thick at 1". Centra faces are very clean and edge structure is very well preserved. Eocene age. Exceptional quality.  Authenticity guaranteed. 

    M1164            SIZE: 2-3/8"

    This catalog contains exceptional vertebrae from one of the earliest Mackerel sharks, Otodus obliquus. Finding fossilized shark vertebrae is very unique (rare) since the vertebrae were cartilage and were not ideal to fossilize. However, a few shark vertebrae did survive the fossilization process, and we are bringing this rare treat to you!  All vertebrae are early Eocene - (approx. 50 million years ago). These large Otodus (a very large Lamnid shark)  vertebrae are quite spectacular and rare, making them a must have for every fossil shark teeth collection. There is also have a nice selection of rare Cretaceous shark and ray vertebra from the Kem Kem region. You do not see the shark vertebrae very often!