Tethysaurus sp. (Aigialosaur)                         

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A rare, Tethysaurus (an extinct Aigialosaur Mosasaur) jaw section with eight original teeth in the jaw. Note -  the original teeth remaining in the jaw are quite rare. The jaw bone and teeth exhibit exceptional condition and preservation (very rare). This wonderful specimen is very mineralized in a hard sandstone nodule. An incredible display piece and an incredible collector's piece. New find / new area. You will see these jaws very often! Please note this is not one of those six tooth "reconstructed" (fake) Mosasaur jaw sections. This is the real deal! Authenicity guaranteed.

M1091              SIZE: 5-1/4" jaw

These are great jaw section examples of an extinct Aigialosaur Mosasaur, Tethysaurus sp., an early upper Cretaceous (Turonian) marine reptile. Found in the Asfla / Goulmima, El Rachidia, Morocco.