Carcharocles chubutensis

    G107 BoP
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    A GEM Chubutensis tooth from the Miocene of Georgia. A Gray and Tan colored Chub tooth with a root beer colored bourlette and a brown root. Fantastic colors! The enamel is the Highest Quality with mirror-like gloss and only a single small hydration crack. An exceptional  bourlette with no peel and essentially perfect. Extra large, razor sharp serrations including an excellent tip serration. The root is nicely articulated and complete with no hydration cracks and excellent grooves on the root ends. This definitely an early Miocene tooth. Note - these Georgia Megs abd Chubs are fantastic - essentially no sign of wear and excellent perservation. An exceptional collector's Chubutensis tooth from Georgia. No repair. No restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A Museum Quality Chub tooth. The PERFECT Georgia Chub tooth.

    G107 BoP          Size: 3-13/16"

    Carcharocles chubutensis or Chubutensis is the extinct ancestor of the Megalodon shark. The Chubutensis evolved in the late Oligocene disappeared by the late Miocene. Chubutensis teeth have the last sign of side cusps and they appear as small serrated bumps at the base of the crown.

    Chubutensis was the predecessor of the Megalodon shark.