Carcharodon carcharias - Museum Quality #2  

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A rare Carcharias hubbelli, Great White transition tooth, with wavy serration development - "Isurus escheri - like". This tooth represents the earliest transition stage from the Mako to the Great White shark. Lower jaw anterior tooth. Excellent definition and preservation. Razor sharp edges and a needle tip. Incredible colors. Note - superficial crack - no break.  

P325               SIZE: 1-9/16"

This catalog contains museum quality Great White teeth from "THE COLLECTION." I bought a Peruvian collection of fully serrated GW teeth. Rarely will you ever see a fully serrated GW tooth from Peru, and you never see this many sharply serrated Peruvian GW at once! It must have taken years to put together this collection. Incredible colors and preservation. Here is a chance to own an exceptional Peruvian GW tooth - a rare treat! Pliocene age (3 million years ago). Note - This group contains some of the finest Great White teeth available today. There is no doubt that you can not beat the best quality Peruvian GW teeth. There are many very colorful gems in this group.  Incredible top quality collector's teeth! Some of my old inventory. These teeth are impossible to locate now!

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