When You’re Buying a Megalodon Tooth for the First Time

Buying a megalodon tooth could be overwhelming. With the availability of different grades, colors, sizes, and shapes, it becomes difficult to pick first ever tooth for a collection. Plenty of thoughts, like whether the deal is good or not, or will you get the value of spend; stuff your mind with doubts.

It’s not a new fact that Megalodon teeth are extremely expensive. And, why not? The world’s largest beast that ever lived is not extinct. With the unavailability of Megalodon shark’s skeleton in a preserved state, teeth and cartilage are only sources left to understand and learn about this species.

If you’re finding it difficult to figure out how to shop for a Megalodon tooth, the following points will help to keep all confusions away.

When purchasing Megalodon teeth, search for teeth over five inches. Collectors always look for something rare and hard to find. For instance, seven inches Megalodon tooth, which is extremely rare and highly-priced. But since it’s your first purchase, you can add two to five inches teeth that are quite common to your collection.

A fossilized Megalodon tooth is available in various shades of dark gray to light brown. This is because of the deposited sediments in which the fossil was preserved for these many years. Other colors such as green and yellow, which are rare, are mostly higher in price. As a beginner, the wise choice is brown colored Megalodon tooth.

By now, you must have understood, rarity claims high price and the same goes with the shape of teeth. A large triangular tooth that comes from the front of this shark’s jaw, commands a higher price than the rest of the set. Collectors often hunt for a perfect shape; however, you can consider a tooth, which is comparatively short, wide, and slightly titled, come from the rear of the jaw, for your beginner’s collection.

These were a few important points to be considered while purchasing a Megalodon tooth. To start with your collection, browse Buried Treasure Fossils for the best deals.