Bite-sized trilobites, starting 540 million years ago, were wandering around the ocean floors surviving and thriving. Dating back to this early fossil-era, the first-ever arthropods of the ancient times have an enthralling story to tell today. The Paleozoic era mariners, once part of the irreplaceable biodiversity in the ocean ecosystem, can now be discovered and unearthed in their fossilized form. Fossil collectors and commoners alike have been beguiled by this three lobed invertebrate seafarer. However, with trilobite fossils for sale attracting more and more collectors, these prehistoric species have gained quite a lot of fan followers.

Fossil enthusiasts are still on the search for true facts that reveal the trilobites survival, day-to-day lifestyle, growth, and modification and these 4 terrific truths dug out by paleontologists will wow you for sure.

  • All that gold is not glitter

    You must be looking at the unearthed fossils and feeling that eerie sense evoked by the creepy crawlies today, but the truth is, most of the trilobite fossils that you are looking at are the exoskeletons of these seafarers. A trilobite much like other invertebrates outgrew their shells, not once but possibly multiple times throughout their life. Most of the fossils found are the shedded shells that over time were buried in the ocean floor and fossilized. However, a few fossil trilobites are the actual creatures that have fossilized. These fossils trilobites are extremely rare, but to the naked eye, the difference will pass unnoticed. 

  • We are not the first gatherers of trilobite fossils

    The era of trilobites was wiped out at the end of the Permian Period by the biggest extinction some 250 million years ago. The ancient Native Americans were the first to find out about fossil trilobites. In fact, early Native American tribes believed these trilobite fossils had immense special healing and protective powers and would often dig them out and wear them as amulets. 

  • Official Fossil- 

    Most American States have their very own state fossil designation and trilobite has been recognized by three states in the US. Ohio, Wisconsin, and later Pennsylvania adopted trilobites as their official fossil. 

  • The first time ever- 

    When scientists first came across this creepy-crawly, they were clueless as to what is was. Linguist and Welsh naturalist Edward Lhuyd even misidentified trilobites as a “flat fish” and for a long while, the battle of whether to identify them as crustaceans or insects went on.  

To date, scientists have unearthed approximately 20,000 different types of trilobites and the hunt is still on. If you’ve found yourself interested in relics of the bygone era, a trilobite fossil will probably be your best buy. However, make sure you select your relished relics from trusted fossil dealers.