Carcharocles megalodon

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    A 6" GEM Megalodon tooth - upper jaw PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR tooth from northern Peru. The crown has an incredible light tan colored enamel with tan root and bourlette. Highest quality enamel. The bourlette is a light pink color wit some missing. The serrations are extra large and 100% complete including an incredible;"needle-like" tip serration. Peruvian Megs have some of the largest and most well preserved serrations. Fantastic. The root is very nicely articulated and complete. The root also has the small grooves on the root ends. Definitely a Miocene age Megalodon tooth. It will rival the absolute best from Bone Valley and Lee Creek. Excellent color. Incredible condition. No Repair or Restoration. MUSEUM QUALITY. A gorgeous collector's grade Peruvian Meg.

    P001 BoP           SIZE: 5-15/16"

    This catalog contains excellent teeth from the Giant White shark - Carcharocles megaolodon. These teeth are noted for their well defined triangular crown and extra large, well defined serrations. The serrations on the Peruvian Megs are incredibly long and well defined. Some of the finest Megs that you will see with exceptional preservation and color. Miocene age. Peru produces some of the finest Megs known - however, the best are quite rare!