Araucaria mirabilis

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A GEM, EXTRA LARGE rare Araucaria mirabilis pine cone half specimen from Argentina. This pine cone has been cut and polished to expose the fantastically preserved internal structure showing the all detail of the seeds. An incredible Jurassic pine cone from the age of the dinosaurs! Exceptional color. A GEM pine cone. Best of the BEST.    

Note - Please note that the Argentine pine cones can no longer be imported into the US. I will not receive any new inventory.

X301       Size: 4"

A GEM, EXTRA LARGE rare pine cone half specimen from Argentina. Extraordinary large size. This specimen has been cut in half and polished to show its intricate internal structure with pine seeds. Exceptional detail has been preserved.

Name: Araucaria mirabilis

Age: Jurassic (210 mya)

Location: Patagonia, Argentina

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Size4" Length 3" Wide
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