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Buried Treasure Fossils offers the Finest Quality Fossil Shark Teeth and other top quality fossils for sale including Megalodon teeth and fossil Great White shark teeth. 

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Are you looking to purchase the finest quality fossil shark teeth and other top quality fossils? You found the right web site. Our fossil shark teeth catalogs are arranged by world famous collecting sites. Each of these sites offers the largest variety of rare and highly collectable fossil shark teeth including Megalodon and Great White shark (C. carcharias) teeth. Have a look at the complete listing of these popular teeth in our Megalodon Guide, Great White Shark Guide, and Mako Shark Guide catalogs. As you will see, we offer only the finest examples of the available fossil shark teeth. We offer the most comprehensive listing of top quality and rare fossil shark teeth on the web and we are continually adding more! We think you will find our catalogs interesting, informative, and very competitive. If you are seeking exceptional fossil shark teeth or top quality fossils for your collection or studies, please enjoy searching our catalogs. I personally select my favorite fossils and offer them to you. You won't be disappointed! To put it simply - you will find exceptional quality, selection, and customer service. 

We have added many species of ammonites, brachiopods, cave bear, coprolites, dinosaurs, mosasaurs, fish, shrimp, brittle stars, star fish, pine cones, trilobites, Moroccan trilobite catalog Russian Trilobite catalog, gastropods, and pelecypods for your collecting enjoyment. Please visit our Other Fossils Catalog. I recently added a large collection of top quality, WORLD CLASS Moroccan trilobites including many incredibly prepared museum quality trilobites!


*** Latest catalog updates - April 1, 2015 -  Please see our new "Fossil of the Month" -  The April 2015 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" selection is an ultra rare top quality 5-5/8" Sharktooth Hill Megalodon tooth. The March 2015 week #3 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" selection is an incredible blue, 5-1/4" GEM CLASSIC Lee Creek Megalodon tooth. My largest blue Lee Creek top quality Meg! The March 2015 week #2 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" selection is a pair GEM teeth from Summerville SC land sites - a creamy white Chubutensis and a dark gray Angustidens. The March 2015 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" selection is a light blue, 4"+ GEM CLASSIC Lee Creek Megalodon tooth from the Miocene and a GEM dark BLUE Lee Creek Meg. See three special President's Day Megs - red, white, and blue! The February 2015 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" selection is a rare GEM ~5" NC deep red Megalodon shark tooth. The finest deep red big anterior Meg tooth that I have seen. The January 2015 "Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month" Week #4 selection is a rare GEM 2-7/8" NC copper red Megalodon shark tooth.  Also see our "Gift Ideas" web page if you are searching for that special gift. 

Our next update is scheduled for April 6, 2015.  2015 updates are scheduled for most catalogs with our new website! Please visit our new sister website "Fossil Treasure" @ to see exceptional Moroccan fossil ammonites and fossil stoneware products. These items make very unique gifts. ***   


Buried Treasure Fossils - Catalog Updates

Read about our most recent catalog updates below!   (Note - click on catalog name to link to the webpage)

        Megalodon Teeth Guide  -  updated 4/1/2015   - FSTM offering 

        An exceptional selection of Megalodon shark teeth. Click on this link to locate all Megalodon shark teeth catalogs and the ancestors to the Megalodon on this web site. Added available quantities and last catalog update information. Check out the Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month selections.

        Great White Shark Teeth Guide   -  updated 1/19/2015   - FSTM offering   

        An exceptional selection of Great White shark teeth. Click on this link to locate all Great White shark teeth catalogs and the ancestors to the Great White on this web site including some ultra rare, WORLD RECORD sized teeth. Added available quantities and last catalog update information. Please note that the unique forms of the Great White shark Transitional Teeth were recently named as Carcharodon hubbelli - more information is posted in this catalog.

         Mako Shark Teeth Guide   -  updated 6/29/2014  - FSTM offering

        Click on this link to locate all Mako shark teeth catalogs and the ancestors to the Mako on this web site. Added available quantities and last catalog update information. New Isurus praecursor dentition.

         Fossil Shark Teeth Available & Catalog Reference   -  updated 6/7/2004

        Click on this link to locate all fossil shark teeth species and on this web site. More than 150 shark species are listed and referenced to the site catalogs. Note - This web page will open very slowly with a slow internet connection. It is a very large web page! (Sorry we have not had time to update.)

        Belgium Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog  - updated 7/3/2011 

        Added added several rare species - Paleorhinodon, Rhincodon typus, Scoliodon, and Notorhinchus symphyseal teeth. Recently added a New catalog of Miocene and Pliocene species including ultra rare species, such as, Somniosus microcephalus, the Greenland shark. Check out this species list.

       Chile Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog  - updated 12/1/2014 

        Added GEM 5-1/4" Classic Chile Meg tooth (FSTM). This is one of the top five BIG Chilean Megs that I have seen. One of the best Chilean Megs that I have sold. Top quality Chilean Megs are impossible to find. Added a GEM XL Great White shark tooth from the "blue site" (FSTM), a rare ~3" Carcharodon hubbelli, GW Transition tooth (FSTM), and an incredible 3"+ Mako tooth (FSTM). Update - Please note that the unique forms of the Great White shark Transitional Teeth were recently named as Carcharodon hubbelli - more information is posted in the GW Transition teeth and GW Teeth Transition set catalogs.  Recently a group of exceptional large Mako teeth (Big-tooth Mako Catalog #1 and several rare species - Basking, Bramble, Heterodontus, Alopias, Galeocerdo, Great Blue shark teeth, Hammerhead and more.  Most of these species were rarely found in the Chilean deposit.  Also added new Carcharias ferox teeth - very ornate. Added rare juvenile Great White teeth with side cusps and ultra rare juvenile GW Transition teeth with side cusps. Also added two exceptional groups of "Blue Site" Great White shark teeth (GWB Catalog #1 & GWB Catalog #2) and an incredible group of top quality ultra rare XXL Great White shark tooth and special teeth from my collection! There is essentially no inventory of XXL GW teeth remaining. The good old days are gone! These are GW teeth from the old days - some of the best that I have offered - eye candy (have a look); you just can't find GW teeth with this quality anywhere else! Recently added several ultra rare GW Teeth Transition sets representing the transition from Isurus xiphodon, the Big-Toothed Mako - wide form, to Carcharias carcharodon, the Great White shark, including the rare GW transition teeth. These ultra rare sets are matched for size, color and position. They are a very limited offering - no more can be made! Also added an excellent group of seal, dolphin, and Saw shark teeth. All teeth from my old inventory. You can not get these any more!  

         Florida Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    - updated 12/22/2013 

         Added an absolute GEM golden yellow Bone Valley Megalodon tooth (Bone Valley Megs). Recently added BV Hemipristis, BV Tiger shark (4 species including rare Galeocerdo mayumbensis), a scarce BV Mako shark tooth, rare BV Ray & Whale items, and an excellent selection of large, top quality Venice Beach shark teeth (including scarce C. plumbeus). Recently added an incredible group of top quality Classic Bone Valley and Golden Beach shark teeth.  Plus updates to five catalogs (Orlando - Oligocene) and Alopias teeth.

        Georgia Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    -  updated 8/6/2013

         Added a a pair of GEM JET BLACK Megalodon teeth including a 6-3/16" top quality "Wavy" Megalodon tooth and an exceptional 5-3/8 Meg tooth! August 2013 Fossil Shark Tooth of the Month.

        Jordan Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    - updated 10/12/2006 

        A first time offering of rare Cretaceous shark teeth and marine reptiles. Added a group of very rare Squalicorax basanii, Squalicorax kaupi, Cretolamna, Serratolamna, very rare Schizorhiza and Marine reptile (Globidens, Mosasaurus, Platecarpus, and Pleisosaurus) teeth.

        Kansas Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    - updated 8/6/2008

        Added an excellent group of Cretoxyrhina, Ptychodus (4 species including P. mortoni and P. polygyrus), top quality Squalicorax (4 species!), and Pseudocorax teeth. This update includes a rare group of 21 associated Ptychodus mortoni tooth set from the Niobrara Chalk Fm. Gorgeous and extra rare Cretaceous age specimens.

        Kazakhstan Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog     updated 7/10/2011

        Added an ultra rare group of Otodus mugodzharicus  and  Otodus aksuaticus, the serrated Otodus teeth and a couple of very rare Otodus obliquus teeth - a very rare find in the Kazakh fossil record. The serrated Otodus teeth represent the transition from Otodus obliquus (non-serrate) to Carcharocles auriculatus. These transition teeth are rarely found. This is the largest group that serrated Otodus teeth that I have had, and I do not know when I will see them again! Also added a highly irregularly serrated Carcharocles auriculatus tooth. Recently added very rare Parotodus benedeni and Parotodus mangyshlakensis teeth,  very rare Striatolamia parasymphyseal tooth, the very rare Trigonotodus tusbairicus, a large early Thresher Shark. Also recently added  an exceptional group of rare, early form Carcharocles auriculatus teeth from a new Kazakhstan location with many rare position teeth including an ultra rare parasymphyseal tooth! Recently added 11 rare Cretaceous species including Archeolamna, Eostriatolamia,  Paraorthacodus, two Squatina species (Cretaceous), Synechodus, etc. Includes 5 new species!, new Eocene teeth including Jaekelotodus (extra large), Isurus, Hypotodus, Mennerotodus, Turania, Xiphodolamia (incredible selection), Usakias, Notorhychus kempi teeth with an incredible selection of rare position teeth, Eocene species including rare Parotodus, Lamna, Trigonotodus, Aetobatis, Myliobatus, Alopias, Burnhamia, Isurolamna (incredible selection), etc.

        Lee Creek Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    - updated 3/16/2015

       The Best of Lee Creek offering is in progress. Added an incredible  5-1/4" GEM blue Lee Creek Meg (FSTM), a GEM light blue, a dark BLUE, a medium BLUE 4-9/16" (FSTM) and two GEM ~5" CLASSIC Lee Creek Megalodon teeth (FSTM), GEM CLASSIC Lee Creek Chubutensis (FSTM) tooth, and a GEM CLASSIC Lee Creek Chubutensis (FSTM) tooth with a rare "V" double tip serration. Also added several other high quality LC Meg teeth and LC Chubutensis teeth in our Lee Creek catalogs. Also added a very rare, large Parotodus benedeni tooth (FSTM). An exceptional old collection teeth! Recently added four new rare species including rare Rhincodon typus (Whale shark), new Tiger shark teeth (Galeocerdo - 3 species), Cow shark (Notorhynchus), Alopias (2 species), Bull & Dusky, an incredible Isurus xiphodon, Isurus desori, Isurus oxyrinchus, Isurus retroflexus, Hemipristis, and several Sand Tiger shark species teeth. Coming soon new Galeocerdo, new rare shark species and rare shark vertebrae. Recently added an excellent group of large, top quality Physteridae (Sperm whale teeth), Carcharias (3 species), Carcharhinus, Rhizoprionodon,  Isurus hastalis, and Sphryna (3 species)  

       Modern Shark Teeth Catalog     - updated 8/6/2013           

       Added some extra large Tiger and extra large Bull shark teeth. Recently added an excellent group of Great White shark teeth including an incredible 2-9/16" ultra rare, top quality Great White shark tooth - my biggest & best specimen ever. Own a tooth from "Jaws"! You rarely see these old collection BIG teeth! Recently added extra large Mako shark teeth. Very good for comparative studies. There are very limited supplies of these teeth!

            Moroccan Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog    - updated 4/27/2014

         Added a GEM top quality and two extra large Carchardontosaurus Dinosaur teeth and two Pterosaur teeth. Recently added extra large Otodus teeth including several rare multiple cusp teeth. Recently added marine reptiles including Mosasaur (4+ species with rooted specimens), Globidens, Pleisosaur, and Crocodile.   Added extra large Mosasaur vertebrae, rare associated shark vertebrae, rare Cretaceous and Eocene Saw shark rostal teeth (4 species), top quality Hybodus spines, top quality Myliobatis mouth plates & spines, and 10 species of fish teeth (several new species), very rare group of top quality Auriculatus (aka Carcharocles sokolovi) teeth a large group of new, top quality late Eocene shark teeth from the western Sahara region of Morocco. This is a very rare selection of Moroccan Ric teeth from a new western Sahara location. One of my favorites! Plus WORLD CLASS trilobites (my other favorite fossil!). Dinosaur catalog link.

        Muddy Creek Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog     - updated 1/20/2006 

        Added updates for 25 shark species including 11 new, rare species! Also updated 7 ray species including 3 new, rare species! I bought an old collection with an incredible selection of rare teeth. Note - This site is now residential housing and forever gone! Recently added fish species from this world class early Eocene site.

            Netherlands Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog     - updated 10/4/2011 

        Added many new and rare species including Pseudocorax, Palaeohypotodus, Centrophoides, Cetorhinus, Ganopristis, Lamna nasus, Notorhynchus cependianus, Palaeogaleus, Squalus, Squatina, etc.  Recently a large group of museum quality Isurus escheri ("the serrated" Mako), Isurus hastalis, and Isurus desori. The Isurus escheri and Isurus hastalis include many "Blue teeth" which have exceptional preservation and color. I bought a large, old European collection. You rarely see these top quality teeth!

        North Carolina Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog     - updated 2/9/2015

        Added an ultra rare GEM ~5" deep red Megalodon tooth (FOTM). Recently added top quality copper red Chubutensis, Mako, Great White shark teeth, Angustidens, Auriculatus, rare very early Auriculatus & Otodus, Mako shark teeth (Isurus hastalis, Isurus desori, Isurus oxyrhincus, Isurus retroflexus - exceptional XL examples) as well as Hemipristis, Striatolamia, and Carcharias from the old days. These teeth are fantastic! It is very challenging to find top quality, copper red site teeth for sale! More catalog updates coming! Recently added an incredibly rare serrated Thresher and a Giant Thresher tooth. The serrated Thresher is the rarest tooth to collect from the Miocene - Pliocene epochs. This is a very rare offering for the rare tooth collector! Our best selection of rare copper red colored teeth - ever. One of my favorite colors! Note - I recently purchased the largest collection of rare copper red teeth ever assembled. This copper red teeth collection was assembled after an exhaustive search of all of the rivers and creeks in northern No. Carolina. With the slow rate that these rivers expose teeth, it may take decades before a large selection of this copper red material becomes available again. Fourteen species offered. We are rapidly depleting our inventory. These copper red teeth are incredibly colored and exceptionally rare!    XXXX

        Other Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog   - updated 4/28/2013  

        Added an excellent group of extremely rare Edestus heinrichi and Edestus mirus teeth, the extinct Coal shark, from a Pennsylvanian age deposit in Illinois. Recently added new, rare middle Triassic teeth (French Triassic Teeth Catalog - 8 species - including Acrodus, Hybodus, etc.) - updated photos. You never see top quality Triassic shark teeth for sale. These Triassic teeth are very scarce! Also rare Upper Triassic Lissodus teeth (UK) - updated photos, rare UK Hexanchus teeth - Hexanchus agassizi & Hexanchus colinsonae (improved photos coming), a new Mississippi Cretaceous teeth catalog including exceptional quality & rare  Scapanorhynchus, Iscyrhiza and Ptychotrigon from Frankstown, Mississippi. Recently added a rare Paleocene Callorhinchus newtoni tooth plate from Kent, UK,  , my final selection of German shark teeth (5 Oligocene species), an incredible group of extra rare Russian shark teeth including a rare Cradabiodon, Dwardius species, and the extremely rare Paraisurus. Plus new Orthacanthus, from Oklahoma (Permian) and  Ptychodus mortoni from New Mexico. Some rare Sphenodus shark teeth (Jurassic age, an exceptional group of early Miocene shark teeth from France - 12 species including Carcharoides, Isistius, etc. (Loupian site teeth update.), a small group of rare Megalodon teeth from Italy, early Miocene Isurus hastalis (narrow form) & Isurus retroflexus teeth from Calvert Cliff, Maryland, and a new German Oligocene shark tooth catalog with seven shark species.

        Paleozoic Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog   - updated 8/18/2008  

        Added new group of US Paleozoic teeth with exceptional Peripristis and Petalodus teeth from an old collection assembled from 1950 to the 1980s. These Iowa and Nebraska sites are no longer accessible or productive. There are 6 new species. These Peripristis and Petalodus teeth are the best available! Recently added new rare Russian Paleozoic shark teeth including Stethacanthus and Symmorium (2 species), etc. A total of 12 species added including many very rare species. Two Russian teeth catalogs available. These teeth are rarely seen! Recently added  Our best selection of rare Russian Paleozoic shark teeth ever!

       Peru Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog   - updated 7/6/2014

       Added a GEM Megalodon tooth. A PERFECT colorful tooth!  Recently added exceptional group of Chubutensis teeth (one of the most challenging teeth to locate!). Added more incredible museum quality, extra large Great White teeth and typical size Great White shark teeth - exceptional colors! Added a new Peru Great White jewelry teeth catalog. Also added a very rare Parotodus benedeni and Alopias grandis tooth - a very rare find in Peru! You may never see a group of quality teeth like this again. Be sure to see the May & June 2012 - Fossil Shark Teeth of the Month - an exceptional, extra large Chubutensis, Auriculatus, Great White shark teeth. May & June 2012's theme will be the "The Best of Peru" - watch for future updates.

       Sharktooth Hill Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog      - updated 4/1/2015

       Added an ultra rare, top quality 5-5/8" Megalodon tooth (FOTM). A Meg from the old days.  Recently added a very rare top quality Parotodus benedeni tooth, a group of extra large, top quality Mako teeth (including a ultra rare >3" tooth!!), new "fire zone" material with extraordinary colors including Isurus planus (added new photos), Isurus desori, Isurus hastalis, Galeocerdo, Hexananchus, and Sphryna teeth - have a look! Also added excellent Cetorhinus, Heterodontus, Galeocerdo aduncus Squalus, and Squatina teeth. Recently added new material from the Bob Ernst estate which was assembled over 30 years from one of the richest areas of the Sharktooth Hill bone beds. Some of Bob Ernst's finest! New listings include ultra rare Alledesmus & Neotherium jaws and specimen teeth, ultra rare Desmostylus teeth& tusks, rare Sperm whale and Prosqualodon teeth, shark vertebrae, an extra large, good quality STH Megalodon tooth - one of the rarest Megs that you will find! (these are some of the rarest Megs known), rare & incredibly perfect Hexanchus andersoni, extra large & very rare Heterodontus dorsal spines. More rare shark and mammal material from the Bob Ernst estate coming! Added an excellent group of scarce Hemipristis, and five new species including Dasyatis, Echinorhinus, Galeorhinus & Scyliorhinus.

         South Carolina Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog     - updated 3/9/2015

        Added added a pair GEM teeth from Summerville SC land sites - a creamy white Chubutensis and a dark gray Angustidens.  Recently added a group of new smaller top quality Megalodon teeth (SC Megs<5") and top quality, EXTRA LARGE Megalodon teeth (SC Megs >5"). Plus we added an exceptional group of top quality 3"+ Mako teeth. You don't see these very often. Recently added several good quality grade Megs <5" (good quality teeth at a good price) and Top Quality collector's Great White teeth - a difficult species to find in So. Carolina. Recently added top quality Angustidens teeth and an excellent group of very good quality grade Megs >5". Recently added an excellent group of extra large and Hemipristis teeth. Added a couple of Great White shark teeth. Recently added a small group of GEM quality rare collector's Auriculatus teeth from the famous Harleyville site. Added a group of extra rare Giant Alopias teeth (Alopias grandis), a small group very rare Parotodus benedeni teeth, scarce Chubutensis, a rare Isurus praecursor dentition from the Santee Limestone Formation - Eocene age - the earliest Mako shark!, another large group of exceptional Santee Limestone Eocene age teeth ( Santee Catalog 1 & Santee Catalog #2) including 8 new species and many rare species (my best listing of Santee Eocene teeth!), several Chandler Bridge Fm. - Oligocene species including Alopias, (2 species), Galeocerdo (3 species including a rare Galeocerdo mayumbensis), Carcharoides catticus, and Sphryna (2 species), a group of new, extra rare Archaeocete whale teeth, Myliobatis (Eocene), rare shark teeth species -  Isurus retroflexus, Prionace, and Squatina, large Hemipristis (Miocene & Oligocene (CB - Chandler Bridge), Dusky, and Hexanchus agasszis.

       Sumatran Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog  

       Texas Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog   - updated 3/25/2007 

        Added new Cretaceous shark including many rare species including Cretodus, Cretolamna, Cretoxyrhina, Leptostyrax, Paraisurus, Protolamna, Onchopristis, Squalicorax (2 species), and Ptychodus (5 species!) teeth. Recently added Carcharias and Scapanorhynchus teeth.  Note - These teeth come from part of an old collection. You rarely see these species!  

       Togo Fossil Shark Teeth Catalog   - updated 6/3/2008    

        Added six new Middle Eocene shark species including many rare species such as Brachycarcharias, C. auriculatus, Galeocredo eaglesomi, and Serratolamna koerti. I am also offering 100 tooth instant collections of the Togo Eocene teeth featuring 5 species. It is very difficult to get material from this unusual West African location.

        Other Fossils Catalog   -  updated 11/24/2014  

        Added a rare Moroccan spiny Ceretarges trilobite (FOTM), an large Russian trilobite, Asaphus kowalewskii with extended eyes, a rare, large Italian fossil crab, Harpactocarcinus punctulatus, and a rare, large, incredibly preserved Gymnocidaris cochlini, a fossil club echinoid - (see both of these items are in our Fossil of the Month offerings). Also added an excellent group of Pliocene age crabs from Italy. Recently added an incredible group of exceptional large, top quality Ammonites - Madagascar Ammonites and Moroccan Ammonites , and the The Fossil Book, an original one-of-a-kind fossil book! Includes several new products! Added a group of very rare, exceptionally articulated Argentine Jurassic pine cones and some top quality Eocene fossil fish (fossil fish) from the Green River Fm., Wyoming. Recently added exceptional US Trilobites and Russian trilobites. These are incredibly prepared museum quality trilobites. Recently added top quality Dinosaur teeth, large group of collector quality, extra large Eocene age fossil fish (5 species of Green River Fm. fish), exceptionally large belemnites, and a large group of high quality Ammonites. Recently added an exceptional group of Brittle Stars and Starfish including multi-specimen plates, incredible multiple specimen Cretaceous shrimp plates, an extra large Orthoceras plate, high quality Ammonites from Morocco. Recently added a few Oligocene fossil crabs and  some incredible Miocene age coprolites Recently added new top quality Moroccan fish fossils, extra large Crinoids - exceptional specimens, new very rare, loosely coiled spiny Ammonites (Cretaceous - France), brachiopods (Jurassic - France) including clusters.  Recently added very rare German Oligocene cones, huge pyritized Brachiopods, and a few exceptional complete Pleistocene Cave Bear feet from Russia (new), and Opal-like "red flash" ammonites from Madagascar. , new well preserved Miocene gastropods from Austria, Lepidodendron ("fern-like tree") from the Carboniferous of Poland.  See additional Moroccan fossil ammonites and stoneware at our new sister website "Fossil Treasure" @

        Display Material Catalog  -  updated 12/4/2011 

        Added several new display stands. All black "Riker type" frame mounts are fully stocked. Recently added a wide variety of new display stands including caliper display stands, 4 peg stands, and beveled top black acrylic bases.  Recently added display identification label stand and additional Riker type display cases. Something for all of your display and storage needs!

        Literature Catalog  -  updated 12/4/2011  

       "Megalodon - Hunting the Hunter" is back in stock. Added a new book highlighting the Miocene & Pliocene fossil shark & mammals of Peru - "Desert Sharks" by Renz. ***  Cappetta and Zangerl books (BB01 & BB02) are back in stock in limited quantites. "Sharktooth Hill Fossil Finder's Guide" is back in stock. Recently added "The Collector's Guide to Fossil Shark and Rays From the Cretaceous of Texas." An exceptional guide to the Cretaceous shark teeth and a must have item for collectors and professionals. One of my favorites. Joe Cocke's "Fossil Shark Teeth of the World" is back in stock.

        Fossil Shark Teeth Available & Catalog Reference 

        More than 150 shark species are listed and referenced to the site catalogs. (Sorry not updated - many more species have been added to the website.)

        News -

Note - A provocative photo by Lutz Andres, a German fossil shark tooth collector, on the Great White shark evolution that says it all. A matter of discussion amongst the professionals. You make the call!  (Click to enlarge) -->

Catalog Information (with links - click on catalog name)

Sharktooth Hill catalog contains rare teeth such as the Parotodus benedeni (False Mako shark). This catalog also contains a great selection of large and beautiful Mako shark teeth (Isurus hastalis, Isurus planus,  & Isurus desori) as well as Hexanchus (Cow shark), Hemiprisitis, Squatina, Squalus, and many other species. Some exceptional matrix specimens of Isurus hastalis and other species. We will seek out the biggest and best fossil shark teeth from the Sharktooth Hill site. Multiple Sharktooth Hill locality photos are included.

South Carolina catalog includes an excellent selection teeth from the world famous extinct Giant White shark family including Carcharocles megalodon, Carcharocles angustiden, and Carcharocles auriculatus. Many of the teeth offered will grade to museum quality. You will find that our Megalodon teeth are fully serrated with clean edges and tips - and offer condition rarity and exceptional value for the collector and investor. Also added Hexanchus agassizi (Cow shark), Galeocerdo cuvier (Tiger shark), Dusky, Hemipristis, and Isurus praecursor shark teeth. These teeth are all of high quality and highly collectable.  

Lee Creek catalog also contains rare teeth from the extinct Giant White sharks, C. megalodon and C. chubutensis, an ancestor to the Megalodon. These beautiful, tan colored teeth are among the highest quality available and quite often grade museum quality. Also added Mako (I. hastalis & I. desori), Cow (Notorhynchus), Tiger (G. cuvier, G. contortus & G. aduncus), Hemipristis, Sand Tiger (C. taurus), Dusky (C. obscurus) and other Requiem shark teeth. Access to the Lee Creek phosphate mine is limited adding to the value of these gorgeous teeth. Several Lee Creek locality photos are included.

Chile catalog contains beautifully colored and preserved C. megalodon, Hexanchus, Mako, Great White, and the Great White  - Isurus transition shark teeth from the phosphate mines of northern Chile. The tan and orange colored crowns on mahogany-red roots are truly stunning. Many of these teeth will grade to museum quality. New additions include Saw shark, Megamouth, and Squatina teeth. A nice selection of site photos are included.

Peru catalog contains beautifully colored and preserved C. carcharias teeth, the Great White shark. Crowns are a magnificent sky blue color.  These teeth will grade to museum quality. Also added well preserved, early Megalodon teeth, Carcharocles chubutensis and ealy Mako shark teeth - Isurus desori.

Florida catalog contains extra large teeth from the big-tooth Mako shark, Isurus hastalis, in excellent condition. Added a full several species from the famous Bone Valley Formation deposits of central Florida including wonderful Megalodons, Hemipristis, etc.

Kazakhstan catalog includes extra large and well preserved examples from a large number of Eocene and Cretaceous shark teeth. A wonderful variety of sand and sand tiger sharks including Striatolamia macrota, Jaekelotodus trigonalis, Turania andrusovi, and the rare Mennerotodus glueckmani are included. The catalog also contains an early precursor Mako shark, Cosmopolitodus americanus (aka Isurus praecursor). Added the exotic and rare Xiphodolamia, Notorhynchus, Physogaleus, Echinorhinus (Bramble), Squatina,  and Galeorhinus teeth. Added new Cretaceous shark teeth - Paraorthacodus (rare) , Synechodus (rare), Squalicorax, Archeolamna, and Enchodus.  Added new, rare serrated Otodus teeth (Carcharocles precursors) - Otodus aksuaticus and Otodus mugozharicus, an early Parotodus, an early Trigonotodus (Giant Thresher precursor), and some beautiful Lamna shark teeth.

Morocco catalog includes some of the finest and largest teeth available from one of the earliest White sharks, Palaeocarcharodon orientalis (Pygmy White) and the large mackerel shark, Otodus obliquus.  Added the Cow sharks - Notidanidon, Weltonia, and Hexanchus, extra large Squalicorax shark teeth, several Mackerel shark teeth species, and several Sand Tiger shark teeth species. 

Sumatra catalog includes a large selection of middle Miocene fossil shark teeth including C. megalodon, Thresher (Alopias), Hammerhead (Sphyrna), Nurse (Ginglymostoma), Tiger (Galeocerdo), Hemipristis, Mako (Isurus), Lemon and Requiem sharks. Also an interesting collection of exotic bony fish teeth and fossil crabs are listed. This locality is unknown and the shark species may be unique to this exotic SE Asia locality. The fossils are found in a highly unusual red siderite conglomerate. Site photo included.

Other Fossil Shark Teeth catalog is presently under construction. We have added Cretoxyhrina mantelli, Squalicorax, and Ptychodus teeth.

Display Material catalog contains all the items you need to display, organize, and store your shark tooth collection including Riker display frames, Lucite display stands, and zip lock poly bags.

Other Fossils catalogs contain a variety of ammonites, brachiopods, coprolites, fish, gastropods, pelecypods, and trilobites.

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